Who is Ashley Wilkes Webber?

Before writing The Book on Sales & Marketing, Ashley spent over 15 years on the front lines learning the craft firsthand.

From small businesses ran by scrappy entrepreneurs to multi-million dollar companies with complete sales forces at their disposal, Ashley's been climbing the rungs of the field since before he was technically old enough to work.

Now the CEO of Ashley Wilkes Marketing, Los Angeles's most versatile "full-stack" marketing resource. He writes about, teaches, builds and designs powerful modern marketing solutions that allow his clients to live better lives.

Raised in the Devil's Triangle neighborhood of Northeast El Paso:

At the age of 14, Ashley and his single mother found themselves in trouble when she lost her longtime HR job. In need of an emergency replacement, she took a position at what turned out to be an only semi-legitimate sales company that paid purely based on commission. The objective was simple: sell as many El Paso Times newspaper subscriptions outside of supermarkets and grocery stores from a collapsible  kiosk in the hot Texas sun as you could. After 10 hours without a single dollar to show for it, it was clear his mother had no future in sales; but it was a serious situation and being summer break, Ashley was able to convince them to let him take her place at the kiosk.

Within days he was outselling the veteran salespeople.

For the remainder of the summer their little family was able to keep afloat from the money Ashley made selling newspaper subscriptions day after day. It was there he learned that the ability to connect and communicate efficiently was the secret to success in business anywhere, whether it be face to face, online, or through created content.

He'd uncovered two of the underlying mechanics that drive all

successful marketing, no matter the product or the industry:

Disruption & Persuasion

Today Ashley uses his marketing gifts as a Keap Influencer and automation expert. He holds degrees with honors in digital filmmaking and animation along with over half a dozen Digital Marketer Certifications in disciplines ranging from paid advertising and funnels to e-commerce and traffic generation.

Ashley works with business owners, marketing departments, and their teams to automate sales systems all over the world. He's on a mission to bring life-changing marketing resources to those who are sick of the headaches and ready to reach their potential.

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"Sales Boy" - Friendly Neighborhood Marketer

Leslie Howard, actor that portrayed Ashley Wilkes - Gone With the Wind(1939)

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Marketing Director, Old Tombstone Western Theme Park

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